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Important note to parents and teachers:  These sites, as far as we know, will not return sexually explicit, violent or hateful content. However, one so-called "safe" search engine was  removed from the list because it displayed  advertising for sexually explicit web sites. If you find any problems with any  sites on this page, please let us know immediately so we can investigate. Likewise, if you find other search engines that should be listed, please let us know

Ask Jeeves for Kids
A natural language search engine that is filtered.  By natural langauage, you can enter in questions like "why is the sky blue."  Try it now!

Yahooligans: A database of about 20,000 sites that are kid safe. You can search or select from a directory

Lycos SafetyNet
You must first register with this service, but once you do, any search done is filtered.

Education World: A database of 56,000 sites

Study Web: 73,000 "research quality" web sites

KidsClick!: Put together by librarians for kids, the database, as of July, 1998, contained about 2600 records. Well organized and easy to use, though not as thorough as the others.

Directory Services

WebCrawler Kids and Family Channel



Search Engines for Kids
by Lawrence J. Magid

As kids get older, they also start to learn to use search engines like Yahoo, Lycos, Google, AltaVista and Excite. These sites are great for finding tons of interesting Internet sites, but they can also locate places where you might not want your kids to go.

There are, however, search engines designed just for kids. Yahooligans, which is operated by Yahoo, contains only sites that have been handpicked as safe.

Ask Jeeves for Kids has the same natural language query engine as the general version but unlike the main site, it brings up only sites that meets the company's child friendly guidelines. Kids can "Ask Jeeves" general questions like "who is president of South Africa" and get links to sites about Nelson Mandela, apartheid and other related topics.

See above for other search resources.


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